How to become a TaskRabbit 

Go to college and earn a business degree. Have a family connection land you a decent corporate job. Kill yourself for 20 years while not saving money.

During the same timeframe, hope that no one raises children with any practical skills. 

At the end of 20 years, have a psychotic break brought on by creativity crushing corporate culture and a system that rewards the most throbbing assholes. You may now apply to be a TaskRabbit.

The most career satisfaction in my life came the first time I mounted a TV. A 50-inch Costco Netflix-ready flatscreen for four twenty-something girls sharing a six-flight two-bedroom walk up in Bushwick. Walking out of that disgusting $2800 a month apartment I realized that TV needed to be mounted and they will enjoy it. Think of all the Netflix and chilling that I have set up. I’m finally making a difference.

Photo credit: atblsxgreplzmnadtshn via / CC BY-NC


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